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FWD Pharma is a 3-day forward-thinking conference that sets up pharma, life sciences, and biotech professionals for success in digital.
Join us for keynotes, interactive panels, case studies, hands-on workshops, and peer-to-peer learning. Our faculty will help you build truly comprehensive and data-driven digital customer journeys. You'll leave with the strategies to instigate critical internal change within your organization to prioritize digital. You'll understand the digital trends within the shifting landscape of life sciences that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Just Announced

Keynote: Digital Innovation in Healthcare: A Case Study in Launching Spotlyte

Learn about the ideation, incubation, and launch of Spotlyte, an innovative digital hub of curated, expert content helping consumers discover how beauty and medical aesthetic treatments may fit into their routine.

Building Your Conscious Customer Experience Framework

Explore opportunities to be strategic and intentional in creating a positive CX, ensuring your brand delivers the desired experience across every touchpoint at every stage of the journey.

Opening Keynote: Healthcare Disruption – It’s a Global Thing

Start ups and corporates alike are vying to transform healthcare. Learn who is doing what and how this will impact the Healthcare delivery model for Pharma, Devices and Health Systems. 

Why FWD PHARMA Should Be Your Learning & Networking Choice of the Year

  • Bring senior executives together on digital and data priorities to improve internal collaboration while empowering your organization to make sound digital investments
  • Improve digital, social, and content marketing engagement and establish your organization as a thought leader and trusted online knowledge resource
  • Develop data-driven customer experience journeys that make it simple for patients and HCPs to access, interact with, and benefit from your products and services
  • Understand evolving approaches to patient health and provider decision-making and how it impacts your ability to reach and engage new audiences
  • Understand the disruptive healthcare trends that will have the biggest impact on your brand and digital strategies
  • Learn about the partnerships and business models that will drive product innovation and successful new product launches

Meet Your FWD PHARMA Faculty

We've curated a speaker roster of marketing and brand practitioners from the leading life sciences organizations to share decades worth of collective industry knowledge and best practices with you.
Meet your faculty one-on-one, engage in meaningful dialogue, and participate in live Q&A after each session.

Keynote Speakers

Thought Leaders

Ashley Ryneska

Ashley Ryneska

Associate Director of Global Communications

Lorenzo Lacey

Lorenzo Lacey

Digital Engagement Director, Global Commercial Digital & Innovation

Aleen C. Hosdaghian

Aleen C. Hosdaghian

Senior Director of Marketing
SUN Pharma

Craig McGettigan

Craig McGettigan

Head, US Multichannel Engagement

Stacy Trent

Stacy Trent

Director, Worldwide Multi-Channel Capabilities, Campaign Management
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Rick Camp

Rick Camp

Principal & Founder
Forward360 LLC


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