Potrero Medical

Omar Khateeb

Director of Growth
Potrero Medical

Omar M. Khateeb is a marketing leader based in Silicon Valley.

He has developed marketing strategies at two publicly traded surgical robotic companies through their IPOs as well as co-founded and successfully launched a consumer product for men’s fashion.

Having successfully crowdfunded and launched a consumer product, Omar brings his knowledge of B2C marketing through digital channels to a B2B world.

He is known for his strategies using consumer psychology across various digital mediums to guide healthcare companies in adapting to newly connected markets.

He currently serves as Director of Growth at Potrero Medical, a predictive health company that is developing the next generation of smart sensors and artificial intelligence.

In his spare time, he enjoys teaching, mentoring young professionals, and donating his marketing expertise to non-profits. He also spends time speaking at various industry conferences on topics around digital marketing, business development, and market engineering.

You can follow with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@OmarMKhateeb) or Youtube (Mind Loom with Omar M Khateeb). 

Omar Khateeb’s Session(s)

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