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Customer Experience (CX) is a major business trend that pharma has been slow to embrace. In order to drive the most compelling customer experience, your internal brand promise must align with your external one in a credible, meaningful way. The foundation begins with understanding what intrinsically motivates your customer audience behaviors as humans, not as walking prescription targets. Knowing what your target audience personally wants to achieve reveals powerful, actionable insight. Using your medication is typically not on the top of their list. CX methods reveal a way into your audience with a more personal and meaningful way to interact. Leveraging the power of behavioral insights and emotions helps drive health outcomes, improve engagement, and sales, adding incremental effectiveness to traditional marketing. This is at the core of CX methods, and how this is done challenges some traditional pharma “brand first” ways of thinking and planning. This framework includes both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (CX) as performance accelerators. Those open to transform will leap ahead of their competition, creating differential value beyond the pill. This session covers the background and creation of this unique product launch success framework.


  • CX as a disciplined approach to imagine, design, and deliver valued & differential experience
  • Psychology methods proven to change behavior and how to apply them
  • Evidence of how minor improvements to brand Customer Experience (CX) can add millions of dollars of revenue and reduce churn with customers, potentially with lower marketing costs
  • A multi-step framework for developing a product launch plan powered by customer experience
  • Employee Experience (EX) training solutions proven to increase CX and product market results


  • Interactive exercises on behavior change design models and CX methods
  • Create a customer-driven, brand success solution map
  • An expert discussion on ways to increase product launch effectiveness by optimizing Employee Experience (EX); guest speaker Matt Johnson, CEO of MotiveX


This workshop is for anyone (across company roles) who wants to transform ways of thinking and working that increase measurable value and customer satisfaction to accelerate product performance.

Ideal roles may include: any level marketer, strategic planner, technologist, researcher, or data analyst. Remember, EX is part of delivering CX. Aligned, effective cross-functional participation is a key factor for any company to maximize product launch success. Be part of the solution.