Day 3 Programs

Program C: Data-Driven Digital Strategies

Program D: Digital Marketing Strategy & Brand Engagement

10:30 am–11:15 am

Developing a Solid Social Media Presence

Ashley Ryneska
Associate Director of Global Communications

In this session, Ashley will share with attendees: 

  • How to navigate thoughtful integration of social media into your commercial business communication strategy
  • How social storytelling can still be a powerful tool for pharma and life sciences brands to elevate industry sentiment while still respecting our regulatory environments
  • Easy tips to employ creative process, capture visuals, and craft social-ready copy, taking into account platform nuances and key trends

11:25 am–12:10 pm

Improving Multi-channel Analytics to Drive Impact

- Review obstacles to multi-channel measurement
- Introduce a multi-channel measurement maturity framework
- Share mini-case client case study 

1:10 pm–1:55 pm

Digital Engagement Strategies to Improve HCP Relationships - Providing Credible Information On-Demand

Aleen C. Hosdaghian
Senior Director of Marketing

When is the best time to reach an HCP? What device? What communication channel? How can we bring a Healthcare Professional along a communication journey that is informative, focused and mindful of their time? Is it possible to align marketing and sales communication into an omnichannel customer-centric experience or is it dream?

This session seeks to look outside our industry to see who is shaping and setting customer expectations for customer centricity and then highlight some of the components that can connect the organization, Patients, and HCPs with the right information, services, and solutions that deliver enhanced patient value to surpass experience expectations.

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