Forward360 LLC

Rick Camp

Principal & Founder
Forward360 LLC

Rick Camp, Principal & Founder of Forward360 LLC, has enjoyed over 25 years discovering opportunities for optimal development of strategic brand plans and marketing implementation for pharmaceutical and health tech marketing, which include both program and product innovation. Across his career, Rick has launched more than 10 pharma and Health IT branded products & services, 6 of which became multi-billion-dollar brands and 3 were recognized as innovators in their space.

Rick’s career has encompassed 360 degrees, acquiring insights, perspectives, and experience working at pharma, agency, consulting, health tech, and start-up companies. He’s held director roles at major pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Merck, and Teva, in brand management and customer experience technology innovation. He also enjoyed director roles at consulting firms and Surescripts, the nation’s leading health information exchange network. He’s dedicated to the business of health care and what drives behaviors across the diverse ecosystem of health care delivery. Understanding the big picture and competing priorities across and fragmented components we call the US health care system, helps connect the dots across health care prescribers, providers, patients, and the health systems, payors, pharmacies, and technology that aims to connect, engage, and deliver measures of meaningful outcomes. He’s been published in Pharmaceutical Executive for novel customer-centric marketing,

Mapping the individual customer needs and how they relate across customer types expose efficient win-win possibilities to generate synergistic value using exploratory frameworks to uncover the best-integrated plans for launch success. Borrowing customer planning and development frameworks from outside of traditional pharma afford new insights, models, and designs for what and how we connect and create empowering customer journeys. Rick is passionate about defining what is good for business by creating the experiences which best serve customer needs and wants on functional and emotional levels.  

Outside of work, Rick enjoys tennis, world travel, photography, snowboarding, and DIY home renovations.

Rick Camp’s Session(s)

2:00 pm–5:00 pm
Developing a Product Launch Success Framework with the Power of Customer Experience

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