Ritesh Patel

Chief Digital Officer - Health

Ritesh is as a digital and social evangelist who has been evangelizing digital since the early days of the dot com boom in the late 1990's. Early in his career, he joined Agency.com and quickly began to consult with major fortune 500 companies to evangelize the merits of the World Wide Web.

Along the way, he worked for the likes of Havas, Cushman & Wakefield and began a deep dive into the healthcare arena in 2009 when he joined Inventiv Health as Head of Digital & Innovation. There, he was a pioneer in the use of the emerging social media platforms, winning a CLIO award in 2010 for the Novartis Tobi Facebook page under the category of “Best Use of Social Media in 2010” for that work. Then in 2011 came the digital and social ecosystem for DRIVE4COPD, a highly successful campaign for Boeringher Ingelheim to raise awareness of COPD using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twibbon and a custom Windows-based mobile app to screen potential patients at NASCAR events.

He joined Ogilvy in 2014 as the Chief Digital Officer for Ogilvy CommonHealth (OCHWW), the specialist healthcare agency within the Ogilvy Group. There, he worked with the digital team at OCHWW to create the industry’s first marketing cloud, enabling clients to truly have a 360 degree view of their HCP customer. Ritesh also led the team there to successfully create an EHR practice enabling clients to directly message HCPs on an EHR platform. The majority of OCHWW (since rebranded as Ogilvy Health) client brands now use this innovative solution.

Additionally, Ritesh supported and led the creation of the Ogilvy Health Innovation Lab. The Lab at Ogilvy Health has been responsible for showcasing “the art of the possible.” Voice-activated systems like Alexa and Google Home, connected homes, wearables, chatbots and AI are the subjects the Lab is focused on to showcase how these tools and technologies have and will continue to impact healthcare in the not-too-distant future.

Now working for the recently re-branded Ogilvy, Ritesh consults with major clients on digital transformation and innovation. He is an outspoken digital evangelist who has lent his expert point of view in a vast array of forums over his 19+-year career. He is passionate about educating his peers and his clients about what the future of digital looks like for healthcare and, in addition to all the innovations he's been responsible for bringing forward, Ritesh has recently taken his mission on the road and is a globally-recognized speaker across a wide variety of digital and healthcare-centered events around the world.

Ritesh Patel’s Session(s)

10:00 am–10:45 am
Healthcare Disruption – It’s a Global Thing

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